Lady Liver is based in Liverpool, UK - (pronounced as in 'Alive' and not the major organ). After a lifelong love of tea and being affectionately known to family and friends as 'tea belly', Sarah the proprietor embarked upon an accidental journey of learning about the precious leaf which took her around the world - Ultimately resulting in the little independent business that is Lady Liver Tea today.


Although she does not have delusions of grandeur, she does have a passion for quality, nostalgia and the good old days, otherwise known as vintage... 'the way of our Nans!'. Believing the vintage trend to be more than a mere fad and more as a backlash against mass production, impersonal convenience and bad service. Sarah’s own passion for certain qualities and the ways and methods of her grandmother led to her creating her own teas and infusions for herself, and ultimately to order. Nothing is mass produced...and has a little vintage style to it.  


The Lady Liver philosophy is about quality, service, creativity, ecology and uniqueness. Where possible, our packaging is recycled, biodegradable and recyclable (your delivery box may have had a former life - be proud of that. We are).