Lemon and ginger white tea

White tea is the perfect tea for cold infusion. Its pure, naturally sweet and incredibly refreshing. It has a light flavour and allows easy blending with other ingredients without being overpowered. 

Measure out 4 large cups of water and pour into a jug. Add 4 pinches of white leaf tea to the water. The leaves tend to be large (great for holding all that natural oil that is incredibly good for you) so hard to measure by a spoon. 

Add a few slices or sprigs of whatever you fancy - a few slices of lime, a little mint. Once you try this recipe for the first time you will get the urge to experiment! I love a little fresh ginger and a slice of lemon!

Place the jug in the fridge for between 6-8 hours. 

Strain and drink!! 



Cold Infusion Confusion!

Quite different from iced tea, cold infusion is a simple method of brewing your tea leaf in cold water. Not only do you get more health benefits from your cold infusion, but you also get a whole new taste and range of flavours without any of the bitterness. If you have trouble with the idea of cold tea - think of it as refreshing flavoured water or a soft drink!

#coldinfusion lady liver tea

You can use almost any tea leaf and cold infuse it, even flavoured teas. You will be surprised by the difference in flavour and the freshness of your brew. The benefits of cold brewing are many - including the fact that your leaf retains all the natural oils that are often damaged by scolding (the really good stuff).

You dont need any specialist equipment to do it. so get out there and start creating your own cold infusions.