20g Taster Pack (approx. 15-20 cups) 
Specifically blended for breastfeeding, this brew is warming and soothing with natural sweetness and creamy undertones. It has high notes of spice and aniseed without being overpowering. The ingredients have been chosen for their traditional properties to increase milk production and flow as well as helping sooth the symptoms of colic in babies. A comforting blend for both mother and baby!

Boobie Brew

  • Ingredients:
    Fennel, Verbena, Caraway, Goat's rue,
    Infuse for approx 3 mins. Keep this leaf for a second infusion.
    Drink 2-3 cups a day.
    A natural, caffeine and sweetener free herbal tea.
    Herbal infusions should never be taken in place of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Although herbs are generally safe, there can sometimes be side effects. We therefore recommend that you never overindulge!