20g Taster Pack (approx. 15 cups) 
A combination of ingredients to support the gastric system, help reduce cholesterol, metabolise fat, reduce water retention and lessen appetite whilst gently detoxing the body. A gentle blend that does not include laxatives (as we don't think having a poo constitutes loosing weight!). A gentle helper in the battle for a healthier bikini bod!
A fresh and zesty flavour with a sweet earthiness.
You can re infuse this tea several times, making it fantastic value.

Think Me Thin

  • Ingredients: Drink once or twice a day max.
    Nettle, cleavers, Pu erh, lemon, ginger, dandelion leaf, lemon oil
    Save your leaf for a further second and third infusions! We recommend two cups a day max - morning and evening.
    Herbal infusions should never be taken in place of medicines prescribed by your doctor. Although herbs are generally safe, there can sometimes be side effects. We therefore recommend that you never overindulge!