Tall Tea Tales


I’m always telling stories to my little girl. I tell her classics and I make up semi-scary tales and fantasies for her as she loves the thrill. It’s these stories that inspired me to make Red's Tea. Little Red Riding hood skipping through the woods with her basket of cakes and flowers for granny, only to face the Big Bad Wolf! How can that inspire a tea? Hmm. I’m a bit wappy maybe. But to me it was easy to see how rose petals and rose hips formed a great base for this infusion. Add a basket of apples and woods full of flowers and wild berries...and don’t forget the wolf, a juicy wolf berry!!! See, easy. Blend, taste. Check, Swirl, Cool, Add… Taste. Then there’s the point where you feel confident enough for your first audience (hubby). If I’m not shot down, then I fan the tasters out to family, friends and regular customers who have a preference for the type of tea I’m blending in order to get some feedback. That’s the Birth of Red's Tea anyway. Just a small part of the story!


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