Cold Infusions for hot days

Very different to iced tea, cold infusion tea is just that...tea made with cold water. It may sound odd, but if you are a true foodie you will have tried your tea many ways already - frappe, iced, hot, in food! Using cold water draws out an entirely different set of flavours from your tea and less bitterness. If you would like to give it a go take about 2 table spoons of your chosen leaf tea - white tea is an excellent leaf for new comers to cold infusion. Add to approx 1ltr of cold water - feel free to add twists of fresh basil, lemon or orange slices or mint for a subtle hint of flavour - Leave in the fridge for between 4-10hrs and then... tadaaaah. Cold infusion tea. Perfect for hot days. Amazingly healthy and you get to keep your cool and a cool kitchen.

cold tea.jpg

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