Why Loose Leaf Tea?


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Tea, it's the second most consumed beverage in the world.

In almost every culture tea has found its way into billions of cups  and it is drunk for a multitude of reasons...as a great companion when you're feeling sick, to keep calm or relax, to socialise.
So, how are you preparing your tea? Is it loose leaf style, or are you simply dunking a bag and getting what you think tea really offers? If it is the latter, then this read may prove insightful.
Loose leaf tea is without a doubt the best way to enjoy tea...and for several reasons. Five of which are explored below.

1) Greater Health Benefits
Since loose tea consists of larger leaves it keeps more of its powerful catechin antioxidants and plentiful plant polyphenols. This means you get more of the teas health benefits.
Tea can help prevent certain cancers, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, aid in weight loss, and boost the immune system. Tea brewed by the bag contains fewer of these properties.
Loose tea will always give you a healthier cup.
2) Better Aroma And Flavor
Loose tea has more surface area than the "tea dust" (fannings) that go into bags. The larger the leaves, the more natural oils you get to steep out of them, and this of course means great flavour, along with a more pleasant aroma.
Loose leaf will have a nice fresh and clean taste, and depending on the variety may taste sweet, floral, vegetal, malty, or earthy along with many other distinct nuances. Bags will add a color to your cup, but not much after that!

3) More Varieties To Explore
Bags never really offer the consumers variety. People will always be limited to what is offered on the supermarket shelves, and while that may look like a lot, you'll find yourself going through them pretty fast. 
Tea in general is broken into four main types, white, green, oolong, and black. Each main classification yields hundreds of varieties since many cultures around the world cultivate and process them. Also realize that a large portion of these varieties are sold in loose form, so that means there is always a new kind to look forward to.
This is often one of the biggest pleasures a true tea drinker enjoys!

4) Loose Equals Freshness
A big advantage loose leaf has over bagged tea is the age factor. In order for tea to have a good quality, it must be young and fresh. Did you ever wonder how old those bags are? If I told you they can sometimes be over 18 months past a leaf use by dats, would that surprise you?
Even loose leaf can go bad so it is important that you get steeping after your purchase and avoid letting it linger. - DONT SAVE IT FOR SPECIAL!!!

5) Makes A Unique Gift
This is a different reason that sometimes people forget.
Did you ever buy a tea gift basket for someone? Maybe you got lucky and loose leaf tea was included, but if not, I doubt you ever got feedback on how great the bagged stuff was.



It is no doubt that everyone welcomes gourmet food as a present! Loose tea will always impress guests when served, or make a friend or family member feel special when received as a gift. Including some sample varieties along with some steeping equipment is a perfect way to introduce someone to this great beverage.
They may even become addicted and start a great new habit that is actually good for them!

Well, there are your five main reasons to chose loose tea over the bags. The next time you find yourself dunking a bag, remember this read and go the extra yard and treat yourself to the true side of tea!